Electrical Rubber Mat

Our rubber mats are very well known in the market and accepted and admired by the thousands of customers all over the world. WE manufacture all kind of mats including runner mats, anti-fatigue mats and gym mats. These mats provides high level of resistance against any kind of abrasion, friction, grease, wear and tear. We use the best quality material and manufacturing processes for producing the world renowned mats.The rubber is high quality which is manufactured after going through highly controlled manufacturing processes. Good ergonomics and safety measure define the manufacturing facility of any company. If you want to be one those well defined manufactures then buy these rubber mats today to improve the standard of your shop floor.

Electrical rubber safety mat
Electrical rubber safety mat manufactured by us are very efficient quality wise. These are non-porous and will not absorb any kind of moisture at all. These mats won't crack and can also handle high heat and temperature.A very easy and cheap way of making your shop floor area safe and secure. These mats will provide safety from the electrical shocks to the workers. Do not ignore the safety of your employee and buy these mats at prices you never bought before.

Sanotsh Rubber Industry will help you find the right kind of mats for your needs at a cheaper price. We have a name in the market from last two deades and are considered as one of the most trusted manufacturers of rubber supplies in India.

The application of these rubber mats are in all kind of industries such as manufacturing workshops, electrical workshops, sub stations etc. These mats protects the technicians from any kind of current leakage in electrical workshops and help safgaurd their lives. These are also used in power plants and other different types of plants.

Surface : The rubber mats have chequered, anti-skid fluted design or plain at bottom as per the requirement of the purchaser.
Range : 8.5 mm to 25 mm for chequered or fluted 6.5 mm to 25 mm for plain.
Length x Width : 2.0 mtr x 1.0 mtr.
1.8 mtr x 0.9 mtr.
Colour : Black unless otherwise specified by the purchaser. Any colour also available on request.
Technical Particulars : Tensile strength 50 kgf/cm2

Elongation at break 250%
Voltage Test : The rubber mats are tested to pass the voltage test at 15000 volts for one minute without any puncture or warming effect.
Breakdown Strength : Shall not fail at less than 40000 volts as per the procedure outlined in IS : 2584/83.