Santosh Rubber Industry manufactures a wide range of rubber products. We use the best quality material in a world class manufacturing facility to transform it into useful products. We manufacture rubber sheets, rubber hoses, rubber mats, electrical insulation mats, pvc hoses, pvc water stop seal, pvc handrails, hydraulic hoses and fire fighting hoses.

Our manufacturing facility is well equipped with latest technologies. We continuously improve our manufacturing processes using lean and six sigma techniques. We have created a brand in rubber product manufacturing area during the last two decades. A brief description of some of the products we manufacture:
Rubber Sheets - We have the widest range of rubber sheets in India. We have the reputation of being one of the best manufacturers of rubber sheets in India. Our sheets cover various industries with diverse industrial applications. If you need help in picking the right product for your industry specific needs then get in touch with us today over phone or send us an inquiry using our inquiry form.

Rubber Hoses - Santosh rubber industry is again a well known and trusted brand in rubber hose manufacturing. These hoses come with various elastic properties to suit different industrial applications. Fluids such as oil or water, gases and other type of material can be transferred through these. Check out or rubber hoses page or call us today to know more.

Rubber Mats - Make your workplace safe with Santosh rubber mats. Our rubber mats focus on improving the ergonomic conditions and creating a shock proof environment on the shop floor. If your company wants to promote the culture of improved ergonomics and safety then our rubber mats could be of great help to you. It doesn’t cost much improve the working conditions in your plant. We manufacture mats for wide variety of industrial applications and in numerous sizes. Call us today or send an inquiry to know more.

Electrical Insulation Mats- We also have mats completely focusing on providing the safe and shock proof environment. These mats can be used in any industry wherever there is electrical workshop or danger of shock.

PVC Hoses - These hoses made of Pvc can be used for various applications and Santosh rubber can design custom Pvc hoses for your industry specific needs. We guarantee the durability and quality of the hoses manufactured by us.