Different type of rubber sheet and its uses in different industry

Rubber is used as an insulator in different kinds of industries, especially the ones which involve working with electrical equipment. The ease with which this raw material can be cut and molded makes it ideal to seal and protect various applications and equipments. In certain industries such as medicine and health care, rubber sheets are also used as in medical apparatus as insulators. Therefore, it is imperative to have enough information about the different types of rubber sheets available in the market.

Natural rubber sheets are dynamic and posses certain mechanical properties also. Their applications are varied in different sectors. Neoprene rubber sheet is a type of rubber sheet, which was fabricated in 1930s. These are rubber sheets that perform well under extremely low and high temperatures. They are resistant to easy wear and tear under harsh climatic conditions. Their high quality strength and impermeability makes them ideal for usage in industries such as oil and gas, chemical and dyes, etc.

Other kinds of rubber sheet are Nitrile rubber sheets. They are resistant to acid and oil, alkalis and cold mineral oils. In comparison to Natural rubber sheets, they are more fragile and do not sustain well under extremely high or low temperatures. Nitrile Rubber Sheets are used more in sectors where it is necessary to have resistance in equipment to caustics and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

EPDM Rubber Sheets are resistant to acids and alkalis and are used outdoors in a high level of environmental applications. Silicon Rubber Sheets are insulators against high temperatures, and they are very less permeable. Therefore, their nature makes them ideal for the pharmaceutical industry.

Usage in medical and health care sector is in the form of surgical gloves and tubes used in laboratories. Other uses include mats that are chemical resistant, pads, corks of laboratory flasks, orthopedic footwear, etc. They are also laid under carpet spreads and bed mattresses to ensure that air circulates under them through rubber pads.

In short, no industry can run without the use of rubber sheets. Be it defence or automotive. Other than industrial uses, rubber sheets are also widely used in various home appliances and also around the home. From being kept outside washrooms as a caution against tripping to under the showerheads, other appliances where rubber sheets are found are, rubber boots, earplugs, raincoats, hot water bottles, faucet washers, aquarium tubing, bathtub plugs, gardening pipes and many baby products, etc.