Research & Development Department

Rubber Research and Development Center

Santosh Rubber Industry is a well known name in manufacturing of hi-tech rubber products and has grown as a giant in this field in last two decades. We have our very own state of art manufacturing facility that delivers the best and top quality products. We stay at the edge of the technology by using the most advance technology possible in rubber manufacturing industry. Santosh Rubber owns a well equiped research and developement facility along with the team of scientists and technologists from various fields of rubber technology.

Our testing facility is is fully equiped of advance mising systems, braided systems, boilers, hydraulic presses etc. We carry out different programs to optimize our manufacturing processes. We are quite capable of custom designing our manufacturing processes to meet any specific requirement our customner has. The quality of our products is well known to the world and our customer speaks about our work. We provide best quality with efficnet work and competitive prices. Our product catalog covers the widest range of industries and satisfy the customers with application specific requirements.

Our R & D department goals are as follows:

  1. Provide the best quality and highly customized products to the customer.
  2. Countinously improves the manufacturing processes using lean manufacturing techniques to deliver the best products.
  3. Stay at the edge of the technology to produce world class rubber products.
  4. Customer is god and hence always focus on the requirement of the customer.