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Santosh Rubber Industry is a major business organization in the domain of Manufacturing, Trading and Exporting of Rubber and Polymer products. We are a well known name in the area of rubber product manufacturing from last two decades. Our world class manufacturing facility is capable of producing the best quality rubber products for our customers. Our team of scientists and engineers continuously work on improving the standard and quality of the products. Our rubber sheets are considered the best in India. Our expertise is shown in our products. We will help you pick the right rubber product for your needs.

The motive of our company is to serve our clients in the best possible manner. We accelerate our clients' queries and orders without delay this enables us to render our speedy services to our clients. If you have any doubts regarding the use of the product, we will help you choose the right one for your needs.

Here is the brief overview of some of the products we manufacture:
Rubber Sheets- We are one of the oldest rubber sheet manufacturers in India with tremendous experience and record in produce highly durable sheets. We manufacture rubber sheets that cover wide variety of applications in various industries such as manufacturing, electrical, construction etc.
Rubber Hoses- We produce the most reliable and high quality rubber hoses for various applications. We have around 15 to 20 types of rubber hoses in our facility which can cover diverse functions and industries. We have hoses for several industrial applications such as agriculture, construction, food, manufacturing and so many.
Electrical Insulation Mats- Our electrical insulation mats can improve the levels of safety standards in any plant or workshop by preventing the employees from getting an electric shock. We manufacture insulation mats of different sizes and for various types of applications.
Hydraulic Hoses- Hydraulic hoses are manufactured for carrying hydraulic fluid at various pressures depending on the industrial applications. Check out the hydraulic hose section on our website or call us today to know more about them.
Fire Fighting Hoses- Fire fighting hoses are manufactured for any type of fire fighting operations where these hoses can be used to carry the water.
PVC Hoses -PVC hoses are made of pvc and we have a wide variety of these for various industrial applications. We are again a very trusted name in the manufacturing of pvc hoses. Checkout the section or call us today for more information. We cover almost every type of industrial applications ranging from agriculture to construction.
PVC Water Stop Seals - We have a great range of these pvc water stop seals that can be used for sealing operations in almost every industry.

The R&D unit of our company undertakes researches to develop the range of our rubber and plastic products. We strive to produce products as per the BIS, ASTM & DIN standards. We have an ISI testing Lab where all the products are quality tested before dispatch for supply.

Our range of products are applicable in Construction industry, Sugar mills, Steel plants, Brewages, Textile mills, Food processing industries, Petrochemical plants, Refineries, Mines, Solvent and Chemical plants, Cement plant, Pharmaceuticals plants, Thermo/hydro power projects, Irrigation, Fertilizer, Sewage treatment and many other projects of National and International importance.

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